Your image is important. KANDID DESIGN safeguards that image!

A comprehensive service including logo design, web design and development, promotional materials, and advertising assistance.

Kandid Design also provides a printing service to back up any project.



About me...

Brian Darling
Dublin-based Web/Graphic Designer

Kandid Design is my own venture! I have developed great experience and skill in different design studios and print-related companies over the years. Kandid Design is my way of focusing this know-how - providing an efficient, quality service to it's clients.

The intention is always to create imaginative and innovative designs and solutions for every client. The diverse range of services provided range from Corporate Identity development, Display & Signage, Brochure, Leaflets, Marketing Material and Packaging to Website Design and Development, and Social Media branding.

Logo Concept & Design...

Logo and identity development.

Your company logo and branding is very much the face of your business. Awareness of this means entrusting Kandid Design with your identity is a safe move. We are committed to work closely with you to developing the right logo for your organisation, and carry that to stationery and all branded products.



The best and most memorable logos are simple - they are not 'fussy'. Clean lines and clear type underpin good logo design - to the point with the highest impact. With years of experience of logo design, Kandid Design can help you decide what you want to convey, and walk you through the development steps on the road to achieving that perfect design.


When developing your logo, it is important to remember that it will appear in a variety of situations, across various media. To that end, the design needs the versatility to appear in large format - say on advertising - while working just as effectively on your website, or in black and white. The various applications of your logo are inherent in the process of logo design.


Your logo should reflect your business and your industry. Does is convey the nature of your product or service? The logo of a golf club would hardly share all the characteristics to that of a legal practice, for example. Also, irrelevant aspects, while perhaps visually pleasing, may distort the image and the message you are trying to convey, and should be avoided.

Graphic Design - for print...

Kandid Design has a solution for any of your design requirements.
Here are some examples:

Your corporate identity:

Designs that work!

Your logo and your stationery say a lot about your organisation - make sure its exactly what you want to say!

business card sample


professional design tailored to your organisation and subject matter

Annual Reports, Financial Statements, Product Catalogues... No matter what the purpose, Kandid Design provides an appealing and readable publication.

annual report sample


get your message across!

Advertisements in newspapers, magazines, online... let Kandid Design create an adverts that really gets your message accropss!

advert sample

marketing material...

We've got you covered

Leaflets, Posters, Banners, Menus... a wide variety of marketing and sales materials designed and printed.

Marketing Material

kandid design's full printing service

Whatever your requirements, we offer a full printing service - from Business Stationery, Annual Reports and Brochures to Leaflets, Posters and Books.

define your web presence with kandid design

We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity.

website design

Tailoring good design practice to offer the best solution for you and your customers.

responsive layout

Websites that change to best suit your customers device.


Set up an online store to market your products or services.


Creating a web presence that lets you access and change your site.